Little Elm STE(A)M Academy is a STEM Micro-school for children of all abilities ages 3 to 7yrs old. Our Academy is base inside our founder's home in North Texas.

What is a Micro-school?? 

Micro-schooling is the reinvention of the one-room schoolhouse,it is a cross between private school and homeschool. The class size is typically smaller than that in most schools ( we go up to 12 children only) and there are mixed-age level groupings. Because of the unique structure of the academy, we don't always meet 5 days a week.


Here at The STEAM Academy, we want children to be excited about learning, to fully engage themselves and spark their inner curiosity about the world around them. There's an inner inventor, leader, explorer inside all of us! We wanted to create an environment that provides a stress free, hands-on learning for children of all learning abilities. Our goal is not only to instill a love of learning that will last and inspire, but create an atmosphere for children to support, accept, respect, and understand each other all while working together to create, explore and innovate. It take a village to grow a tree.

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1712 Nighthawk Drive, Little Elm, TX 75068